Saturday, June 23, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 525: The rat race

SH should be almost at the finish line of the Summerfest half marathon. The race started at 7. I am assuming he got there in time. I was not involved in anything to do with the race. I was going to drive him there this morning so he wouldn't have to worry about finding parking, but then we saw in the race packet that there is free parking for runners. So he got up at dark o'clock and I kept sleeping.

At least it's not 200 degrees and 100% humidity like last year. They got some sense this year. Why they had none last year I do not know. If I were going to put on a race, I would call people who had actually put on races to ask, "How much water should I have? How many port a potties?"

Even without talking to anyone, I think I could do a decent job of estimating. 6,400 entrants? Let's assume that each runner will drink at least one glass of water every two miles at a minimum and stock accordingly. Let's assume people will need the portapotties more at the beginning of the race than at the end. If we can't put portapotties on the bridge, and if our first potties aren't until three miles into the race, perhaps we should have more than four of them. For 6,400 people.

SH actually ran the entire race last year. He also trained for the race last year. This year, he didn't train so much. "But I got three Summerfest passes with the entrance fee," he said. "So it's worth it."

I'd rather sleep late, not run, and buy something else than spend $60 to run 13 miles. I can be miserable for free.

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