Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 635: Shopping alone, II

SH accomplished the meat mission in record time, but then had to revert to type with his trip to Target later last night.

I got a phone call from him while he was there. "What color hair dye do you use?"

"Twenty four clove," I said. "But I have enough."

"No!" he said. "It's on sale for $7.99 and I have a coupon for $8 off two! That's less than half price for both of them!"

OK. Fine. Buy them.

Then I got up this morning and saw what else he had brought home.

Four boxes of razors. "On sale and I had coupons," he said.

A bottle of dish soap.

Two sticks of deodorant. "If I bought those, I got the dish soap free!"

The hair dye.

But wait. There's more. In the car.

"What's in the car?" I asked.

"Toilet paper."

Raised eyebrows.

"And paper towels. Which we'll use. Someday. Eventually."


webb said...

When we get down to only 12 rolls of toilet paper Mitchell panics and gets three dozen more ... just in case. I feel your pain.

Melissa said...

After Shirley's experience with the flowers, at least you had a use for the paper towels...

Class factotum said...

Webb, it's important to have a resupply point set, but 12 rolls might be a little high for effective inventory management.

Melissa, that is an appropriate use for paper towels. SH thinks paper towels are for all spills, but I maintain that cloth rags are fine except for bodily fluids, human and cat.