Sunday, June 17, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 638: You're not doing it right #8,243

SH: Ooops. This groupon expires this weekend.

Me: We'd better go.

SH: But I'm going out of town. And we have tennis. And you can't do takeout with this one.

Me: Well how did that happen? You shouldn't have bought so many!

SH: You're the one who made the spreadsheet of all the groupons so we could keep track.

Me: Yeah, but you're the one who bought so many! You bought this one in December and we're just now using it?

SH: It's your fault.

Me: My fault? Why is it my fault?

SH: Because when you made the spreadsheet, you took ownership of the problem.

Me: Oh no. Don't you push this off on me, groupon buyer. You're the one who overbought.

SH: Nope. You're the one who put herself in charge of keeping track.

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