Friday, June 15, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 689: Full of eels

SH [as he is labeling one of the boxes that moved from his office to the basement]: Have you ever been to [our friends] basement?

Me: No.

SH: It's stuffed with boxes of stuff. Way worse than us. This conference? [indicates a box of stuff] T has been to it for 25 years. I'll bet he has everything saved from it.

Me: You know if you drop dead I'm going to throw away all your crap without even looking at it.

SH: Of course. It doesn't mean anything to you.

Me: It doesn't mean anything to YOU any more, either.

SH: Sure it does! I could spend hours looking through this.

[Comes back upstairs]

SH: Look! Look at the cool things I found! Look at this coffee mug! And these things [that make noise]! This stuff isn't even made in China!

Me: A coffee mug? Just what we need.

SH: It might come in handy. I might have three or four boxes full of things like this!

Me: Yay.


webb said...

Apparently it's a Y-chromosome thing.

Class factotum said...

Webb, I hope there's something valuable in all that junk. Like a Beavis and Butthead collectible mask worth millions.

Anonymous said...

I am reading and laughing. And reading and laughing.

DH (also an engineer), sitting next to me, thinks your SH is correct about the toilet paper. We had that same argument when we were first married -- back in the '80s.

I think you're correct about the boxes.

Class factotum said...

Anon, of course we're right about the boxes! We are sane. Our husbands are not.