Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 766: Saver vs tosser

Me: Forget it. I'll just buy a binder at the store.

SH: No! I know I have some here!

Me: What's in that box?

SH [removes box from stack in corner of his office]: It's got the packing materials for my work computer. If I quit my job, I'll have to mail it back to them.

Me: And that box has to live in your office why?

SH: Leave it alone!

Me: What about that one?

SH: It has binders. From when I started this job.

Me: What year?

SH: 2000.

Me: So they're 12 years old.

SH: Yes. Here. You can have the binders.

Me: Wait! You're keeping the content?

SH: I might need it.

Me: But it's 12 years old!

SH: I still have this job.

Me: When is the last time you opened that box?

SH: A few years ago.

Me: So you've gone two or three years without opening that box but think you might need 12 year old training materials in the future?

SH: Maybe.

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webb said...

I am married one of those people, too. You might as well not try to change it .... it's very much like teaching a pig to dance.

SH, I am not calling YOU a pig.