Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Wisconsin 101:The great pho hunt

SH and I discovered the Hmong parish. It hadn't even occurred to me that there would be one here, but why not? There are a lot of Hmong here. My church in Memphis was headed by a Vietnamese priest and half the congregation was Vietnamese, which meant we had some very tasty church suppers.

Today was their soup fundraiser: pho in the basement, for $6 a bowl, which is not cheap, but less than you'd pay in a restaurant and, apparently, they were giving free refills. I couldn't even finish mine, though. SH and I usually share a bowl when we go out for Vietnamese food.

I noticed plastic cups of what looked like tapioca pudding on another table. I asked one of the church ladies if there was dessert. Yes, she said, but it was all sold out.

Then she spied the four cups of dessert on the table. She jogged over to the table and spoke rapidly to a man standing there. She looked at me. "He give you some dessert. He has too much."

I laughed and told her that no, I had no intention of taking someone else's dessert. The man looked relieved.

SH and I got our basil and bean sprouts and lime and sat. A few minutes later, the church lady marched over to our table and set a cup and two spoons down. "I find dessert for you," she announced. "You try. You like."

And I did.

A big vat of pho broth.


webb said...

A dear friend of mine lived and worked with the Hmong during the war in Vietnam. I so often wish that Vietnamese restaurants and pho had been available while he was still alive so we could have shared some. Mitchell and I love it!

Anonymous said...

That lady should be in sales.

Class factotum said...

Webb, I didn't have Vietnamese food until I was in college and then it was years before I had it again. Now it's one of my favorites.

Anon, you are correct.

Rachel said...

That's awesome!! How hilarious. Poor guy that she stole it from...

LPC said...

If Wisconsin has pho, I might want to come:).

Class factotum said...

LPC, there is pho here, but we have yet to find banh mi that we like. So think about it.