Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crazy people in other places

How timely is this? I got this comment today, right after I got the email below.

Comment: Speaking of AC, whatever happened to your friend dealing with the insane homeowners association president?

Last night at about 9p two policeman showed up at my door saying that "the neighbors" [the crazy homeowners' association president] had a complaint of a noise disturbance coming from my townhome. Of course, I was in total shock and had no idea he was talking about. I was in my loft watching TV when all this occurred.

I invited the police in so they could take a look around and obviously there was nothing to see. About 2 hours later I get another knock at my door. Again, [crazy HOA pres] have called the police saying there is a noise disturbance coming from my house (funny how no one else seem to hear it!). Again, they come in and now we're all scratching our heads wondering what is going on.

At 530a I hear knocking at my front door again which of course wakes me up. Again, [crazy HOA pres] have called the police saying there is a "noise disturbance" coming from my townhouse at 430a IN THE MORNING! Since it was the 3rd call the police had to issue me a summons and now I have to appear in court on July 31st. If the judge rules in their favor, which I can't even imagine, I have to pay a $100 fine!

This blatant harassment and bullying is because I have complained about [crazy HOA pres's] loud SUV, their loud air conditioner right next to my wall that sits on their patio and how they continue to grow trees and plants in the "common area" right behind my patio so it obstructs my view. If any of were doing this we'd be inundated with letters and fines!!

Do we really want these people running our HOA? I know I'm not the only one they have tried to intimidate! I have talked to several people now in the complex who have had enough. They have unnecessarily fined people, served unlawful lawsuits, harassed and bullied people in [our neighborhood], to such a point, I know people who will not even buy in here because of them. Unless we want this place to become all rentals something needs to be done.

There will be a meeting my townhouse on JULY 12th at 7pm. Please come with any past or present concerns or issues especially if you feel you have been abused by this HOA. There are so many of us that are so fed up, something has to change to stop this insanity!


Jen on the Edge said...

Wow. Just... wow.

Maybe if there's enough evidence from various neighbors, the judge will throw the case out and the police will know not to pay attention to phone calls from the crazy lady???

Class factotum said...

Oh! I hope so. I'll keep you posted.

Joy said...

Oh my lord. I hope my comment didn't somehow send some sort of crazy vibes into the universe and cause the HOA prez's calls to the police!