Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Employed at last, #4

The shoes. The shoes. Oh, the shoes.

My first day, by the time I got home, I was hobbling. My feet throbbed.

It wasn't that I was wearing cheap shoes. I had gotten a pair of Bruno Maglis on eBay. That's a nice brand, isn't it? Handmade Italian - how can you go wrong?

That is one upside of a China boycott - Italian shoes.

Yet these still hurt.

And the pantyhose were maddening. So tight! Darn control tops.

But I can't wear heels with naked feet.

Jen on the Edge recommended tiny footies, which I had never heard of. I got some at Walgreen's and they make a huge difference. I am not a pantyhose purist. They are necessary when it's cold, but even without pantyhose, I am dressed 1000% more formally than almost everyone else at work.

On Day 2, I wore the Ferragamos that I also got on eBay.

Either I was getting used to heels, which I otherwise wear maybe six times a year, or the Ferragamos are more comfortable. Less uncomfortable. Plus they are better looking than the Brunos. I am looking at them now. So pretty. Black heels with the quilted toe.

Years ago, my friend Julie sent me a pair of Ferragamos that had come into the Junior League thrift shop during her shift. "They're too small for me," she said. "Do you want them? They're brand new - the Ferragamo rep dropped them off."

Heck yes I wanted them. She sent them to me. I put them on. And winced. They were narrows. I do not have a narrow foot. I have a wide, pudgy foot with fat little toes. I do not have pretty, elegant feet. I guess it's good I live in a place where one rarely has a chance to show one's feet.

But I wore them to work anyhow. And was hobbling by the end of the day. I called Julie. "Just dangle them off the ends of your toes," she advised. "They're gorgeous shoes."

I only wore them once. But the new (to me) shoes are just fine. I mean, they don't make me cry just to put them on. But they are still not as comfortable as flip flops.


MomQueenBee said...

One word for you: Clarks. Life is too short for reading inferior books or wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Erika said...

Agreed with the uncomfortable shoes bit. If they just need a bit of all-over stretching, put a (watertight) bag of water in them and whack them in the freezer. As it freezes, it will stretch the leather.

I've got wide feet and invested in leather stretch spray and shoe stretchers. Worth every penny.

Lindy D. said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations, CF. I am thinking about going back to work after a few years off. The "what to wear" issue scares me. How do you look professional without looking overdressed?

P.S. Great shoe tips, ladies! I just bought my first pair of Clarks at DSW. I can't wait to try the freezer trick. In my younger days, I forced my wide feet into medium sized shoes. No more!

Class factotum said...

But Mom, Clarks are not pretty!

Erika, I love that idea! I will try it next time.

Lindy, my opinion on professional is just my opinion, but I think most of your body, at least the part from knees to elbows should be covered. No miniskirts, no sleeveless tops. Also, no cleavage. I am not wearing suits to this job - that would be overdressed - but am wearing skirts and blouses and dresses. I do have one B&W jacket that goes with a black skirt and several tops. That's when I wear my sleeveless stuff - when I can have a jacket over the top of it.

Good luck finding work! Take a look at Ask A Manager (in my sidebar) for job-hunting advice. I strongly recommend buying her ebook.