Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Employed at last, #5

One of the advantages of my new job is that I am very close to the downtown Y, close enough that I can go there at lunch. That was one of my big concerns about returning back to work (other than the complete loss of my freedom, which I am still mourning) - would I be able to exercise without going through too much effort? Sure, I could always get up really early and exercise before work, which was a great solution before I married a night owl. Or I could exercise after work, thus reducing the number of hours in the evening for doing what I want to do from four to two and a half. "Want to do" meaning "all the things that have to be done around the house before I go to bed and maybe a little bit of fun."

Exercising at lunch is my favorite option. I don't like to go out to lunch because 1. it gets expensive and 2. it takes a long time. The ritual of eating out. That's soooo annoying. The waiting, the waiting, the waiting. I just want to eat and get it over with. Don't make me listen to the specials or the food descriptions. Don't make me have to make small talk while we're waiting for the food. Don't make me glare at you when you ask, "Are you still working on that?" while OTHER PEOPLE AT THE TABLE ARE STILL EATING! Wait, wait, wait. That's what eating out is all about. It's so inefficient.

So the Y has lunchtime classes. I'm only a few blocks away. I can walk there, even in my high heels.

But here's the drawback: The classes there make me sweat.

Usually, I don't sweat when I exercise because 1. I am too lazy to work that hard. But I have tried some new classes and even with my extreme sloth and the freezing-cold air in the gym, I have sweated.

Which leads to the problem: how to return to my pristine, pre-exercise state before I return to work? Without taking a lot of time? Or ruining my makeup, such as it is?

The irony is that I don't sweat that much when I am going to the Y from my house and haven't had a shower and don't intend to take one even when I return home. But now that I am all dressed up, I am sweaty.

Today decided the issue for me. Not only was I sweaty, but the other people in the class - a cycling class - were sweaty as well. As we stretched at the end of the class, another student walked over to stand in front of the fan.

The fan I had been facing.

Now the other student - a man, dripping sweat, was between me and the fan. The very strong fan.

I felt rain on my arms and face.

It was raining sweat on me. Raining this man's sweat.

I gagged.

As you guys know, I have a very high gross-out tolerance level. I have showered in the Fs and Gs in the South American Handbook, after all, although it creeps me out to use a dirty shower now if I can't wear flip flops. I don't get all panicked if I can't wash my hands before I eat or if I can't wash the peaches before I eat them. A fly in my water at a restaurant? I take it out and carry on. Thirsty at Bastille Days? Doesn't bother me to find an empty vodka bottle and fill it with water. 1. Most people don't drink vodka straight from the bottle and 2. even if they did, the vodka sterilized it and 3. I was really, really thirsty, but still not thirsty enough to pay $3 for a bottle of water.

But someone else's bodily fluids on my body - when that other person is not related to me by blood or marital contract (and even then, SH got all freaky the day I used his toothbrush by mistake - I didn't, but he did), that's the limit. That's where I draw the line. That's what I can't take. This is part of the reason I don't like holding hands at church - I don't really like to touch people I don't know and to be honest, I'm not crazy about holding hands with people I do know. Except for SH. But that's it.

I wiped the stranger sweat off my arms and face with one of the antiseptic paper towels you're supposed to use to wipe the bike seat with once you're done using it. But that still wasn't enough. I made my decision: to the showers I would go. A shower used by a stranger who is no longer there is preferable to a sweat bath from a stranger.


Kathy said...


In my office, most of us eat at our desks, generally while still working. The boss doesn't mind if we go the gym (across the lobby) to work out at, say, 2:30, then come back in our gym clothes to finish out the day, which for me ends between 4:00 and 4:30. I wouldn't challenge his sensibilities too much as far as my choice of exercise clothing, but it's a good system for our small office.

MomQueenBee said...

Ewwww, ewww, ewww. At least I didn't have that problem when I was trying to do waterobics at lunch. I knew it was my own sweat in the water. Who knew sweating in water was possible?

Fijufic said...

Oh then I would imagine wrestling is not a sport you will ever enjoy...