Thursday, July 12, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 178: Sock it to me

SH: I'm going to Target tomorrow before I get that pizza. [With the groupon that is about to expire - honestly, so many of our meals are determined by about to expire coupons. We have got to stop buying them, SH.]

Me [looking at my socks as I am getting dressed for tennis class]: Would you buy me some athletic socks? These are wearing through on the top. I guess it's time for me to buy more socks.

SH: I don't know anything about buying women's socks! I don't know the sizes! I don't know what kind!

Me: Good grief. It's not that hard. [I hold up my leg.] See? That's the kind I want.

SH: You're going to have to write it all down for me.

Me: Athletic socks. Short. Medium. It's not that hard.

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Joy said...

I tell my husband to take my three dresses out of the wash before putting the rest of the stuff in the dryer. "Which dresses? How will I know?" To which I say, "There are only three dresses in the load. Just take them out." To which he says, "Can you write it down please? I might mess it up."