Thursday, July 19, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 228: Sock it to me

SH: Hey! What's this? [He pulls an empty socks bag out of the trash.]

Me: Socks. A bag from socks.

SH: Where did it come from?

Me: Upstairs. I was getting stuff out of the dresser in the guest room. [Where we keep out of season stuff.]

SH: Where are the socks?

Me: I put them in your drawer.

SH: Why!? Who says I needed new socks?

Me: Your other socks had holes in the toes.

SH: So? That doesn't mean they're unwearable.

Me: Yes. It does. That is exactly what it means. That's what a hole in a sock means: that it is no longer wearable. And I have no intention of darning your athletic socks.

SH: What happened to the old socks?

Me: They are now rags.

SH: Hey! You do not have the authority to make my sock decisions!

Me: Of course I do.

SH: They're not your socks!

Me: Yes, but I know how to decide when socks have gone bad.

SH: Don't get rid of my socks.

Me: Good grief, Sheldon. You would never have even noticed if you hadn't seen the bag in the trash.

SH: Yes I would. I knew I had socks upstairs. I was staging them, waiting for the right moment.

Me: [Eye roll]

SH: Are you going to blog about this?

Me: Absolutely.

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Erika said...

They don't go in the rag basket here. They get cut up for use as bandages on the dogs (unless, of course, they are really bad). Old t-shirts - yes, they get turned into rags!