Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 998: In the end, we all shop alone

This is how it works when I need something, i.e., a jacket for an interview in 17 hours. No, I wasn't thinking. Who wears suits to work any more? I got rid of all of mine years ago. Nobody wears suits! But then I read something on Ask A Manager, whose kick-@ss advice about cover letters is what has gotten me my interviews - seriously, I have had two recruiters tell me (in so many words) that my cover letters are great. "Delightful" and "really caught my attention" = "great," right?

Anyhow, on AAM, people were talking about what to wear to an interview and I realized that oops, it looks like people still do wear suits to interviews, but I emailed the recruiter just to be sure and she replied that oh, a pantsuit would be fine.

Pantsuit <> black skirt and white blouse.

As in, skirt and blouse are not formal enough.


To the mall I went.

I had a mission.

1. A jacket that 2. would go with my black skirt, 3. is not made in China and 4. not expensive.

Now. Let me contrast this with how SH works. SH, too, will have a mission when he goes into a store. Milk, for example, or bacon.

We each have a mission. A well-defined mission.

How does it work?

I define my mission objectives and criteria and shop until I find the item that meets those criteria. Then I stop.

SH defines his objectives and criteria, finds items that meet the criteria, and continues to search.

Because what if he finds something even better than the criteria? What a disaster that would be if he didn't get the best possible option?

Which is why it takes SH ten minutes to choose a pound of bacon and takes me 71 minutes, from the time I leave the house to the time I walk out of the mall, to find not one but three jackets that 1. go with the black skirt, 2. are not made in China, and 3. are 60% off.

Which is why I refuse to shop with him.


webb said...

In recent years i have had a lot of trouble with "work appropriate" clothes. A blog i have recently found is

While her focus is a bit different from that, I have been able to use her ideas to transform my work at home clothes to "suitable for client meetings" without a suit in sight.

Just a thought.

Kimberlee Stiens said...

For the record, I think a black skirt and a white blouse are great for an interview.

Class factotum said...

Webb, I like Vivenne's posts. I need to consult her more to develop an overall wardrobe strategy.

Kimberlee, thank you. So do I! But one recruiter I spoke to, who told me that people wear jeans and t-shirts to work, was adamant about a suit for the interview. I kept thinking, "But I would never wear it again if you hired me!"