Friday, July 27, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 586: Packing for a trip to the cottage

Me: Did you bring the Good Salt?

SH: What do you mean?

Me: The Good Salt. I didn’t put it in the box [of food that I left in the dining room] because I knew you would be using it while I was gone.

SH: It wasn’t on the list.

Me: It’s right here. [I show him the list.]

SH: No. It wasn’t on the list of things I was supposed to do before I left. Look. I changed the kitty litter. I packed the charcoal. I packed the tennis stuff. I packed the box of food in the dining room and the food you put in the pan in the fridge.

Me: That’s the list of things you were supposed to do. This is the list of all the things I wanted to take to the cottage.

SH: That’s a different list.

Me: I know. And look. Right there – it says, “Good salt and pepper.”

SH: That’s not my list.

Me: But it was with the other list. And with the confirmation letter from the cottage people.

SH: That wasn’t my list. You didn’t tell me I had two lists.

Me: I showed you this list. I said, “I’m not packing the salt and the pepper because you’ll need them.”

SH: But that’s not the list of “SH things to do.”

Me: No. But it was here. Why would I have left it with you if I didn’t want you to look at it?

SH: It wasn’t my list. You need to be more explicit.

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