Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 244: Hoarders

Me: Here. Would you throw this away, please?

SH: It's the program from the wedding! [that he attended last week - the daughter of some old friends of his. I did not go because I have never met the daughter and I would have had to take a day off from work, which I didn't want to ask for as I had just taken two of my first three weeks off, although I do have to recommend on one week, off two as a really good work schedule.]

Me: I know. I read it.

SH: I can't throw it away!

Me: Then recycle it.

SH: No! I have to keep it!

Me: No. You don't.

SH: It's special.

Me: No. It's not. You don't keep that sort of thing unless it's from your own wedding.

SH: Give me that. I am not throwing it away.

And that, my friends, is what is going to lead my sister, who is the executor of our will, to put a match to our house rather than cleaning it out after SH and I both die in a car accident from someone who has had 14 DUIs.


Erika said...

I made Himself go through ALL the paperwork on his desk and in his filing cabinet. The pain! The agony! (actually, previous boyfriend was just as bad. Maybe there's a trend here).

But now he actually has room in the filing cabinet and can find all the papers for his tax. Wonderful what a ruthless wife can do.

Class factotum said...

Erika, how did you do it? I've been trying to get SH to clear the crap out of his office for years.