Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The saga of the shoes

Now that I am a working person, I have a lot less time to blog. I don't remember work being this demanding in my old job, but in my old job, I was a much higher-level person and for many years, I had my own office. Even when I did have a cubicle, I had some degree of privacy. I.e., I could goof off online without fear of being seen. That is, I could watch my eBay items and I could blog with impunity. Don't worry - I still got all my work done. Not that my boss ever knew that - he had no idea what I did and was not interested. That is not a good sign. If you have a boss like that, start looking for a new job. If your boss says that your job is "boring" and he "doesn't understand," you are first on the chopping block. How can someone value that which he does not understand?

But now I work in a fishbowl. And I am new. At a much lower level than I used to be. Either I have gotten crummy or that's the way the employment world is these days: it's a buyer's market. The IT dept blocks a lot of sites. I don't know if blogspot is one of them because I have no intention of going to my blog from work. I am no fool.

But here I am: gone most of the day without a lot of time to blog.

So what do I spend my free time doing?

Lately, it's been filled with my attempts to make my Ferragamo shoes fit. I told you guys about the shoes I got on eBay, right?

Of course eBay.

1. There are not many nice shoe stores in Milwaukee. Sad but true. I could go to Chicago, which is not far, but even if I were there, would I want to spend $450 on a pair of shoes? No. I would not. Nor would I want to spend $20/hour to park.
2. The purpose of my new job is to come out ahead on the money, not behind. Hence my new work wardrobe is coming from eBay and the fancy consignment stores. As fancy as they get in Milwaukee. This is a midwestern city, bless its heart, where fashion is not the main point of living or dressing. Staying warm is. For truly fancy consignment, I need to go to Chicago, where there are a lot of rich ladies who don't want to wear something more than once.

So I bought Ferragamos #1 on eBay. They fit perfectly. I love them. I am wearing them right now. Simple, elegant, classic. Black pumps with the Ferragamo toe. I got A Deal. They looked like they had never been worn when they arrived. I later learned from the eBay seller that he got them at an estate sale, ie, someone had died. I asked if she had left other shoes.

I saw Ferragamos #2 and Bruno Magli #1 on eBay as well. Ferragamos #1 had fit just fine, so I thought maybe I had found my size: 8.5 medium.

I bought both pairs.

They are too tight.

Even though they are also 8.5 medium.

But they are beautiful. I want to wear them.

I already tried the water in the ziploc bag/freezer trick one commenter suggested.

Didn't work.

So now, every night, when I get home from work, I take off the shoes that fit - actually, I take off my walking shoes. I wear walking shoes to the bus stop and put my decorative shoes on once I am on the bus. I have no desire to cripple myself by walking five blocks in high heels.

So I take off the walking shoes, spray the insides of Ferragamos #2 or Bruno Magli #1 with water, put them on and walk around, willing them to stretch.

It hasn't worked yet, but I have faith.


Alicia said...

I don't have a solution to the shoe problem, but certainly we can come up with a work-around for the blogging problem!

You can compose your posts in a regular WP program and then email them to SH to have him post them for you. Hahahaha! I crack myself up. But you can do the actual writing without going to blogspot... said...

My friend tried a technique that involved using a hair dryer on low temp to warm the leather and then wear them on to help stretch. I think you warm the inside. Don't quote me and try this at your own risk.

Kyle said...

My two favourite shoe brands - I just wish I could afford them.

Your best bet to take them to a cobbler who can put stretchers in them for a few days. It's sort of torture for shoes. They put the stretchers in and gradually turn the screws every day until they fit.

If you have a friend who works in a shoe store - as I did in a former life - they'll probably do it for nothing.

Class factotum said...

Alicia, if SH were involved, he might - how shall we say it? - alter the narrative to suit his purposes.

Ann, I won't quote you, but I'll give it a shot.

Kyle - that's why you buy in eBay. That is, if you're sure they'll fit.

Alicia said...

Oooooh! I'd love to read his version of some of your posts! :D

Erika said...

What a nuisance that the ice didn't work! I do buy most of my shoes online. Because I've got difficult feet (wide, high arches and orthotics), shoes rarely fit straight off. I bought stretchers and stretching spray. Spray inside and out, insert torture device and stretch where it needs it (length and/or width). Awkward shoes and boots are best done at a cobbler's (who is your best friend because with running repairs, grippy soles, etc, you will get a MUCH longer life out of beloved shoes).

Heat will also work (yes, warm the inside), but also apply that stretching spray. At a pinch, you can use vaseline or lanolin because this will help the leather stretch.

Note that sometimes the style of shoe will make the stretching you need impossible. Anything that's cut and stitched over my arch is always a dubious investment.

Good luck!

Class factotum said...

Vaseline? Won't that make my shoes greasy?

Jen on the Edge said...

Have you tried insert those wooden shoe trees that are supposed to help your shoes keep their shape when not being worn? The ones we have come in different sizes, so you could possibly go up a size for the stretching.

Anonymous said...

I haven't used it but I hear that zappos does free shipping and free return shipping and has extensive shoe collections. I think price is competitive but not consignment level

Class factotum said...

I have bought shoes from zappos. They're good if you can't find what you want on eBay.

The good news is that I took out the insoles of the shoes in question and now they are fine. As long as I don't wear hose. Which I don't now but will need to do in the winter.