Friday, August 24, 2012

Wisconsin 101: The sky is lower here

As I am walking the 19 year old, in this country for three days, Chinese exchange student to his bus stop at lunch during my lunchtime run, after I have explained that No! You can't walk across the street when the red hand is up - you have to wait for the white man! (And it is as I am typing that that I realize how bizarre that sounds - you can't cross unless the white man says so. I wonder if they ever considered making that figure green?)

Chinese guy [looking up at an office building]: Is that a sky- sky- sky?

Me: Skyscraper?

Chinese guy: Yes! Is that a skyscraper?

Me: For Milwaukee, it is.

Chinese guy: How tall is it?

Me: Maybe twenty stories.

Chinese guy: Wow!

3 comments: said...

You may be comfoted to learn that in Australia the man is indeed green.

Vivian said...

The man is green in Ireland and the UK as well.

Class factotum said...

Good! I'm glad it makes more sense in at least some places.