Saturday, August 04, 2012

Wisconsin 101: We love our shoes

I'm standing at the bus stop after work, waiting for the bus. Which is late. Which I can't understand because this is Milwaukee and we don't have Traffic here. This is not Chicago. It's Milwaukee.

But my bus was late. Which made me worry that I had missed it by not leaving work early enough. The schedule just tells me what time the bus hits certain points and my stop is not listed, so I have to interpolate. What if I calculated the bus' speed wrong? It leaves St Paul at 5:08 and hits State and Water at 5:16. When is it at Plankinton?

See? You do use algebra in real life. Take that, NYTimes columnist who just wrote that algebra is unnecessary.

Anyhow, I am standing there in my fabulous shoes, even though I should have changed into my ugly walking shoes for waiting for the bus, as my high heeled shoes are not designed for much more than sitting. Yet I was reluctant to remove these shoes from my feet because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I bought them two years ago at a consignment shop - they looked new - and did not find anything to wear with them until three weeks ago, when I found a blue dress (on sale!) at The Limited.

So me and my shoes are standing. Waiting. Traffic is slow. Stopped at the light.

I hear a shout. I look up. It's a middle-aged guy with long grey hair pulled back into a ponytail. He is burly and has that Harley dude look about him. I do not mean that as an insult. Harley is king in this town as you might imagine. But he has that look: kind of tough, a working man who goes out to the tavern with his friends after work, someone who will stop to fix your flat tire but is not someone you would want to anger.

Harley Guy [shouting out of the back of the car]: I LOVE YOUR SHOES!

Me: What?

HG: Your shoes! I LOVE YOUR SHOES!

Me: Oh! They are fabulous, aren't they?

HG: Yes!

Me: AND I got them on sale!



HG: Hey! Are you waiting for the bus?

Me: Yes.

HG: Want a ride with us?

Me: My bus is almost here.

HG: OK. We're going up Water Street.

Me: Oh, well I'm going all the way to [first ring suburb].

HG: OK! Bye!

Me: Bye!

I turned to another person waiting for the bus and said smugly: "Forty eight years old and I still have it."

Then I thought about it some more. "Or maybe he was just going to drug me and take my shoes."

5 comments: said...

I don't think you had too much to worry about. They probably weren't his size.

webb said...

But he was right! They are gorgeous! Enjoy.

Evelynne said...

I doubt he would've noticed the shoes if he hadn't noticed you first. You go, girl!

I, on the other hand, might want to drug you and take the shoes. LOVE!

Class factotum said...

Thank you guys. They are gorgeous!

Ann, your comment made me think of this:

Evelynne, I will walk a little taller today. And I will watch out for you!

Class factotum said...

Dang, Evelynne, I tried to comment on your blog today and it is so hard that I gave up! But I, too, close the shower curtain to prevent mildew. I think we might be alone on this.