Monday, September 10, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 111: Do as I say, not as I do

SH: Wait! What are you doing?

Me: I'm putting away these dishes before you put wet ones in. They're dry.

SH: Oh. Good idea. I usually just keep loading the drainer until it's full.

Me: But when I do that, you complain!

SH: That's because you probably won't do it right.


Joy said...

Oh my god. There's a t-shirt for the Bong recreation area. That shirt could only be more perfect if it also indicated that one can reach the Mars Cheese Castle at the same exit.

Class factotum said...

I love the Mars Cheese Castle. We think they should have billboards of Arnold saying, "Get your ass to Mars."

Joy said...

HA! Love it. Now I really miss Wisconsin. By the way, have you been to Leduc's in Wales, WI? If not, go now. Get the fried cheese curds and the custard. You will not regret either.