Sunday, September 09, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 226: Laundry theory

SH: Why are these boxers hanging on the shower rod?

Me: Because they didn't get dry.

SH: But you just put away a bunch of them.

Me: They were dry. They didn't get any rain on them.

SH: Why are some dry and some not?

Me: Because they were in different loads.

SH: You didn't wash all the underwear in the same load?

Me: No.

SH: Why not?

Me: Because I did two loads of darks.

SH: But why didn't you put all the underwear together?

Me: Why would I?

SH: You're not doing it right.

Me: If it's so important to you, please, please feel free to take over doing the laundry.

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