Monday, September 03, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 683: To sleep oh man to sleep

I sent SH a quotation from a news story I read this morning:

You think Germany is the way to go: "Some internet users said traffic authorities needed to learn lessons from countries where bus accidents were relatively rare. “In Germany, drivers take a 15-minute rest every two hours and are required to have 11 hours of sleep at night,” Candy Qianzhihe posted."

His response? Four paragraphs about politics blah blah blah taxes blah blah blah. I read the first sentence and realized he had completely missed my point, which was, "Dude! People need sleep! I need more than seven hours of sleep a night!"

This job thing is really interfering with my rest.


It's not the job, it's my husband.

It's my husband who gains energy as the day goes on and does not understand why I am fighting to stay awake at 10 p.m. "My alarm is going off in eight hours," I tell him. "I got this stupid job because of you. You better let me sleep."

He is bewildered. "But that morning that you forgot to turn on your alarm, you were up, showered, dressed, and out the door in 25 minutes! So why do you have to allow 40 minutes now? Just get up 15 minutes later! Then you'll get more sleep!"

I roll my eyes. "Yes, I was out the door in 25 minutes. I also didn't shave my legs, barely combed my wet hair, and didn't have any coffee. I ran to the bus stop. I sure didn't spend a few minutes reading the paper online."

Some of us thrive on adrenaline, some of us do everything we can to avoid it.

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