Sunday, September 02, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 688: To sleep, perchance to dream

Me: The bus people changed the schedule! And didn't even tell anyone! If they hadn't been raising the bridge and traffic hadn't been backed up, I might have missed my bus.

SH: What do you mean?

Me: The bus is supposed to leave the station at 4:46, so it shouldn't be at my stop, which is five blocks from the station, at 4:44, should it?

SH: No.

Me: I asked the driver if they had kicked him out early and he said he was right on time. Turns out they've changed it from 4:46 to 4:42. That's a big switch.

SH: What about in the morning?

Me: The later bus is now 7:26 instead of 7:17.

SH: Good! You can sleep later!

Me: If I take that one. But for now, I like the 6:51 because I like leaving work at 4:30.

SH: I don't understand why anyone would chose to do something early if doing it later is an option.

Me: I don't want to get home and have only a few hours of light left! Maybe once it's winter, I'll take the later buses.

SH: Good. Then I'll see more of you?

Me: How so?

SH: Because you'll be going to bed later.

Me: No I won't.

SH: But you will be taking a later bus. So you can go to bed later!

Me: No, I'll go to bed at the same time but get more sleep. That is, get enough sleep.

SH: Then I don't care which bus you take.

Me: Why not?

SH: It's not going to benefit me in any way.

Me: I will never get enough sleep as long as I am married to you, will I?

SH: Nope.


Erika said...

Got one like that here, too. You have my sympathy!

Class factotum said...

Erika, I think the bedtime difference is more significant than political and religious differences.