Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Marriage 401, Lecture 94: Sock it to me

SH: Hey! There's only one sock! Where's the other one?

Me: In the basement on the drying rack.

SH: There's always a missing sock with you!

Me: If you want to be in charge of the laundry, feel free to take over.

SH: I make sure socks are matched at every step of the laundry process: going into the washer, going into the dryer, going onto the line.

SH: I must say you don't lose socks. They just get mismatched for a period of time. When I was living with [my ex], there was this basket of random mismatched socks. We'd go through it every now and then.

Me: [eye roll]


ann.about.town said...

You good folks need one of those laundry sock things that keeps them together in the wash. Oh, just a minute, it's probably made in China. Oh well, seemed like a good idea

Class factotum said...

Probably made in China and I have no intention of matching socks before I throw them in the wash. However, if SH wants to do it, he is welcome to do so.