Thursday, September 27, 2012

Marriage 501, Lecture 14: Nothing rhymes with orange

Me: Would you like an orange?

SH: Now?

Me: Yes. Now.

SH: But it's suppertime!

Me: You've finished your supper. I thought you might like something sweet. And I'll bet you've had no produce today.

SH: Evening is not the time to eat things that are good for you! It's time for dessert! Who would eat fruit in the evening?


Anonymous said...

Tell SH he can add me to list of oddballs (or start it with me) who like to eat fruit in the evening. When dinner's at 10:00, you don't want anything too serious for dessert, lest it keep you up all night. Give me a bowl of grapes any time.

Pam said...

...And Italians: "fruta di stagioni" (seasonal fruit) is often a dessert offering in restaurants in Italy, including whole oranges. I once watched a lady eat one with a fork and knife.

A whole _country_ couldn't be "doing it wrong", could it? ...Never mind.

Class factotum said...

Ha. SH is wrong and I am right.