Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Marriage 501, Lecture 631: The important things

Me: The firefighters are having their shredding day at the library on Saturday. There's a whole box of stuff in the basement that can go.

SH: Like what?

Me: Your phone bills from 1997. Your stepdaughter's college tuition bills and payment receipts. Your credit card receipts from two, three, and four years ago.

SH: No! I haven't looked at any of that!

Me: So?

SH: You put the wrong year of bank statements in the shredding pile last year. 

Me: OK. So one mistake. Big deal. We fixed it.

SH: But how can I be sure you haven't made any other mistakes like that?

Me: Can you at least decide BY CATEGORY what should go into the shredder should you ever be willing to make a shredding decision?

SH: Not now. I don't have time.

Me: If you drop dead, it's all going into the trash. All your stuff in the basement. I'm not even opening the boxes.


webb said...

Make you a deal... i'll help you if you will help me ... when the time comes, that is.

Class factotum said...