Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The working life: I miss my cats and my old life

Ugh. Spent most of yesterday morning scrambling to update a chart my boss needed for a 1:00 meeting. It should have taken ten minutes to do it, but of course the data was

1. not available
2. then available, but not in the format I needed
3. learned the format but there was still missing data

I had to bug two people three separate times to send me what they had because I couldn't do it without their data and of course it wasn't on the common drive WHERE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE.

I had to miss my noon class at the Y because I was working on THE STUPID CHART until 12:46 and even then, I didn't know if it was right because the NUMBERS KEEP CHANGING.

The last thing I need is for my boss to show my work to the CEO and have either or both of them notice a stupid mistake. That's the kind of thing that brands you forever.

Which is why I was digging into the emergency Skittles at my desk. Four point two calories apiece, according to

Why isn't my scale budging?

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