Thursday, September 06, 2012

The working life: Is this the bus to Cartagena

You guys, just when I think I've run out of material - how many times can I tell the same story about SH and me arguing about Not Doing It Right? - something happens and I think, Aha! There's my post for the day!

You guys know I ride the bus to work, right? It's a great deal: $64 for a monthly pass vs $100 just for parking, not to mention the extra car we would need to drive.

Usually, there is no drama. It's people going to work and people coming home from work. A few kids going to charter schools downtown. Quiet. Boring.

But this evening, I took a later bus home because I was at work late.

Remember, this is Wisconsin. The drinking starts early.

Here is what I posted on facebook:


Fijufic said...

You know riding on the bus has a very entertaining cast from time to time. Perhaps I should consider it revolving reality TV?

Sam Sattler said...

I love the idea, as mentioned in the comment above mine, of looking at commuting by bus as a version of reality TV. Perhaps, "reality TV on wheels." At this rate, you will have material for years to come.

webb said...

I loved riding the bus when my home and my work allowed it. Ic could unwind, people watch and get feady for the transition to my other life. Glad you areseeing the good side of busing!

Norma said...

Your posts make me miss Milwaukee.

Michael said...

Firstly, I don't think 'not doing it right' will ever get old. And secondly, Wisconsin tansport is cheap: in South Australia, it wuld be $120 for a month's public transport, or $260 for parking!

Class factotum said...

You guys, I love the TV show idea. How can I monetize this?

I do like riding the bus: it's cheaper than driving, I hate driving anyhow, and it gives me time to read without guilt. And it is some amazing people watching when I travel outside of working hours! Everyone going to work is pretty staid, although now that school has started, there are four boys in very ill-fitting uniforms who ride. Actually, some days it's just one, some days it's four. Which makes me wonder where the other three are.

Michael, I do hope that the wages in SA are higher than they are here.

Norma - but do you miss the winter?