Friday, October 19, 2012

Marriage 501, Lecture 54: Hoarders

SH: Wait! You're not putting out these napkins for the party!

Me: What are you talking about?

SH: You've got napkins on the table - a mismash.

I think about what I pulled out of the cabinet this morning: paper napkins I have gotten at end of season sales at the grocery store. There is a batch of wine napkins - cute beige with brown script and wine bottles and a batch of flowers. I also have some plain white ones. I know SH has a highly developed esthetic sense, but I didn't think this would bother him.

Me: OK, so I'll put out one batch at first and then when they're gone, I'll put out the next batch. What's the problem?

He comes into the bedroom, waving a handful of fast-food restaurant napkins.

SH: You can't put these out! They look awful!

Me: What? No! I pulled those out of the cabinet when I got the other ones out.

SH: Oh.

Me: Yeah, I got them out so you would either use them or throw them away.

SH: I can't throw these away!

Me: What? Were you saving them for some big paper emergency? You didn't even remember they were there!

SH: A paper emergency could happen.

Me: Yeah.

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