Thursday, October 04, 2012

The working life: I need a mule

What I was carrying as I left work yesterday:

My coat, with gloves, even though it's only October
My umbrella
My hat
My purse (three pairs of glasses, drugs, handkerchief, emergency food, bandaids, phone, camera, bus schedules, list of things to do, stupid stupid work cardkey)
My gym bag:
Book to read on the bus
Spare book to read on the bus in case I finish book 1
Lunch bag
Gym clothes but not gym shoes, because I just leave an extra pair at my desk

What my boss was carrying as he left work:

Nothing that I could see.


Jen on the Edge said...

What about a tote bag to consolidate some of that?

Gaylin said...

Today as I came to work I had, a daypack with breakfast, lunch and a snack in it. Also a bandanna, rain poncho, couple of 'just-in-case' tampons, breath mints, bus ticket, lip balm. Oh and Almond Dream frozen dessert . . . to go with the pumpkin pie I was carrying in another bag.

I don't like having to deal with 2 bags on the bus but figured, pie season!

I was wearing a water proof jacket (this is Vancouver) with my wallet in one pocket and my ipod shuffle in the other. No gloves but yes, needed a scarf.

My boss usually comes in with his laptop bag and nothing else.