Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The working life: Planning‏

1. I never bring enough food to work, so by mid afternoon, I am always hungry, which means I raid the emergency almonds or peanut butter stashed in the drawer or I go to the break room for Skittles. Which might be why I have not been able to make the scale budge. Which is why it's good, I suppose, that my sister's wedding has been postponed (ex-wife drama - that's the only problem with used husbands). I mean, it's not good that the wedding has been postponed, but as I was planning on wearing my ivory silk dress with the red embroidered flowers that I was wearing when I met SH, but that is now ten pounds too skinny for me, it's good that I have more time to lose the weight. I don't want to buy a new dress.

2. I forgot to put my socks in my gym bag last night. I had to "run" sockless, which I suppose is not so bad in the cold as it is in the heat. At least my shoes won't get stinky. But I wondered at what is happening to my brain that I forget basic things like gym socks when I am packing my bag with other gym things. Shouldn't I naturally think, "Tights, t-shirt, running bra, check. Jacket and shoes are at work. Check. What's missing? Oh! Socks!"

But no. My brain no longer works like that. Maybe it never did. I finally started leaving emergency underwear in my gym bag when I worked in Memphis because getting out of the pool at the JCC at 6:50 a.m. only to discover that one has a suit and shoes but no undergarments is not a good thing.

It took me more than once to realize I needed a backup supply.

I got ugly underwear to leave in the gym bag. You know - a punishment to reinforce how dumb I was to forget underwear.

3. During my "run," which was pretty today, although cold - I ran to the lake and then along it for a while. Lake Michigan is beautiful in the cold sun of autumn. There were fisherman on the causeway. One guy had four lines out, but he was sitting in his car, which I suppose is not the dumbest thing in the world. It was cold and it was stinky from the milorganite plant across the canal. I went right up to one of the lighthouses, which was full of grafitti about "Bush knew about 9/11," which made me think that the grafitti artists around here need to get some new material. Or it could be that the lighthouse has not been painted in years. Who knows?

Oh. During my run, I found a package of amoxicillin! How lucky was that? It is a completely intact blister pack. I hope I don't need it, but if I do, it will be nice not to have to buy it. It's not that expensive, I don't think, but going to the doctor under my new insurance plan would be all out of my pocket. Which makes you wonder, "Where's the insurance in that?" And you would be correct. But - no work conversations here. Or at least work conversations of that type.

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