Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wisconsin 101: Tomatoes and lost and found

You guys remember I found the tomatoes and lost my hat on the same day.

I got the hat back on Friday - someone had turned it into lost and found! I was so convinced that the finder would steal it because it is a highly desirable hat. But fortunately, it was found by either an honest person or a dishonest person with bad taste.

The lost and found office is on the bus route, which is frankly not the level of service I tend to expect from public services. But it is and I am happy about it. I got off my bus at the appropriate stop and walked four blocks north to the lost and found office. On the way back to the stop, I noticed an apple tree next to the sidewalk on the empty lot by the bus stop.

Lots of apples!


The only problem was that other people had noticed the same thing and had picked all the low-hanging fruit. So I had to improvise. I found a dead branch and used it to poke at the higher fruit. Which worked for two whole apples. I suppose I could have climbed the tree, but that would have meant leaving my gym bag containing my hat and my decorative shoes on the ground and what if someone had come along and snatched my bag? Then what?

So I took the few good apples I found on the ground plus the two I knocked off and declared Free Apple Day to be a success.

Then I went home and made a green tomato pie, which is amazingly good. I had never heard of it before, but when one has two dozen green tomatoes, one googles for green tomato recipes and one finds green tomato pie.

It is so good, you guys! It is like a tart apple pie. It doesn't hurt that I am a very good pie crust maker. My crusts are not that pretty, but they do taste good.

Lard is the secret. Half lard for flakiness, half butter for flavor.

And then I took a piece of the pie to the house where I had gotten the tomatoes. Because that's how we roll here.

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webb said...

Great way to roll!