Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chats du jour: Laverne the Fearless‏

I haven't written about the cats in a while, have I? They are still amusing and crack us up, although I could do without all the hair and the whining. And the immediate dashing through any open door to a forbidden area. 

Yes, they know these areas are forbidden. They know. And when they are yelled at, Laverne gives her guilty meow and sometimes scurries back out.

Shirley rolls her eyes, glares, and says, in her quiet Shirley way, "You got a problem with me?" Then she makes us come get her.

I have to say, though, that the cats would never get through the open doors to the forbidden cities (the dining room and living room, where the Newly-Upholstered Chair lives, and the upstairs, where SH's office and the guest room, refuge of my allergic to cats mother, are) if the doors WERE NOT LEFT OPEN, SH.

Over 3.5 years we've had these cats (I think) and yet SH is always shocked, shocked! that the cats will run through the Doors of No to the Forbidden Cities of Kitty Joy. He yells at them and I yell at him because HELLO! It's HIS FAULT!

So Laverne's latest thing is cracking me up.

You know Laverne is the scaredy cat, right? She'll hunt, but only small varmints. She sticks to mice and chipmunks and ignores the fat rabbits that sit in the middle of the back yard, planning their attack on my vegetable garden. She leaves the rabbits alone because they are big and scary and she does not do scary.

If I am running the vacuum cleaner, she will flee to the basement.

Shirley, on the other hand, will edge as close as possible to the vacuum cleaner so she can feel the noise in addition to hearing it. Shirley loves noise. She would marry noise if she could.

Even if the vacuum cleaner is not running, even if it's just standing in the hall, Laverne will become alarmed and carefully edge her way out of the bedroom, casting a wary eye on the cleaner the entire time. She will press herself as close to the wall as she can get until she's out of the hall and in the kitchen, whence she will run into the basement.

The vacuum cleaner is scary.

But her new thing?

She torments my neighbor's dogs.

Kristy has four dogs. (I know. But she's a really nice neighbor.) (And she acquired two of them when she let her mom move in with her after her mom lost her job. Kristy is a saint.)

Laverne goes into the backyard and gets as close to Kristy's fence as she can, straining on her leash/clothesline combination. Then she settles down, wraps her tail around her legs, and waits.

She waits until Kristy's dogs come out and start barking madly at her as they jump on the fence, which, up to now, has contained them.

Then she smirks.

I didn't think she had it in her.

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webb said...

The squirrels used to do the same to our dog. They would come down the big trees to two inches higher than the dog could jump and then taunt him. He would bark and jump for hours. Dogs are not so smart about some things.