Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marriage 501, Lecture 535: Property rights

This is bad placement of stuff, according to SH. Ignore the dirty stovetop. I hate this stove. It is so hard to keep clean. I want a gas stove. Do not ever buy a glasstop electric stove or you will regret it to the day you die.


SH: What stuff?

Me: You put the pen on my library books! And the recipe on top of that!

SH: That's because I value clear counter space.

Me: Then how come you have your crap all over the bathroom counter?

SH: It's not all over. It's pushed against the wall. See? Counter space.

This is good placement. According to SH.


Anonymous said...

Use a single edge razor blade paint scraper - works like a charm.

webb said...

Sorry you hate it. I love, love, love mine. we use the special cleaner regularly and that helps. (also we have the black surface, which may not show dirt as much as the white one...) maybe gas will come soon.