Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Marriage 501, Lecture 561: Sissyphus

SH and I have come to an agreement about housework, now that his huge project is over. While he was working on the project, I was doing all of the housework and cooking, although he did pick up the grocery shopping, the daily making of the  bed and doing and putting away of the dishes from last night, and the picking up of reserved books from the library.

[Can I just saw how great the Milwaukee Public Library System is here? Everything is online. If I read a review of a book I want to read, I go to the library website, look up the book, and, if it is in the system but not at my branch, reserve it AND THEY BRING IT TO MY LIBRARY! That is so, so cool. And if I were running the library or the county, a benefit I would have to scrutinize very carefully because it's expensive. And should taxpayers be paying for that. But as long as my tax money has to go to crap that I think is stupid and wasteful - hello, ugly public art (or even pretty public art), then I guess I'll take this small benefit for moi.]

SH has also taken over the vacuuming in exchange for not having to clean the bathroom. I hate vacuuming even more than I hate cleaning the bathroom, so it works for me. One of the reasons I hate vacuuming is because it is a never-ending chore in our house. When I lived alone, without cats, I almost never vacuumed. Now, we could do it daily.

SH: Hey! I just vacuumed six days ago and now there is cat hair all over the place again!

Me: Welcome to my world.


Class factotum said...

Oops! I accidentally deleted the comments! Sorry, you guys.

Anonymous said...

Our library, too. I don't mind paying taxes for libraries, or parks, or the bus system.

I could go on and on about the wonders of our library -- we live in a small, highly-educated community, which enthusiastically uses the library and supports the library's extra services.

Wonderful system -- if I get online and place my holds by 8 a.m., the books are almost certain to get to my branch for pickup by noon.

We have more youth programs than I have seen anywhere else -- everything from Toddler storytime to free needlework lessons to Anime Club for teens. You should have seen the library celebrations when the Harry Potter books came out!

Of course, free internet, summer reading programs, and access to many online databases.

And our library doesn't charge fines for overdues.


Anonymous said...

So nice to see a "shout out" for the Milwaukee Public Library. I am a big fan. The city of Milwaukee has always made the library a big priority for the city. Services rarely get cut. Do you know at one time there was a library within three miles of every Milwaukee citizen. We are very lucky!
Lindy D.