Friday, November 16, 2012

The working life: What we wear‏

This dress, sold at Kohl's, sold at Kohl's starting Thursday Nov 8 after heavy promotion for a month (they got a mention in Oprah or Real Simple or someplace - I tore the page out of the magazine because I liked the dress so much, but I don't have that page with me right now), was sold out of my size by Friday morning, Nov 9.

Shame on you, Kohl's. Shame on you for not making enough of these dresses.

Shame on you for not recognizing that these would sell like hotcakes. (Although I have never seen hotcakes selling faster than any other food item. Are the IHOPs busier than the other fast-food restaurants?)

Shame on you for missing a chance to improve shareholder value and the world.

How? How could you have improved the world?

You could have given women in almost every part of the United States something pretty, flattering, and professional to work.

As in, you could have made available a dress that has sleeves.

Do you know how rare this is? Do you know how unusual it is for a dress to have sleeves? Dresses that masquerade as "for work" yet are sleeveless?

Tell me, fashion designers, in what world is it acceptable for women to wear sleeveless dresses to work and not look underdressed? I know, I know - some of the fashion industry, probably, and almost everywhere in New York and LA, where all women have perfect arms, but in the Midwest, we hide our arms. We have really good food here which means our arms are not cut and ripped. They are ordinary women arms. And most of us would prefer not to expose them to our co-workers.

Tell me as well, fashion designers, where it is warm enough to wear sleeveless dresses in the winter? I can tell you that Milwaukee is not one of those places. I remember well and with great fondness - except for my crappy job in corporate finance, that is, but the rest of the time, I liked the place - my time in Miami. In Miami, it is warm enough to go sleeveless in the winter.

But guess what? 

I still didn't do it! Because it was Not Done at my workplace!

And I say that as someone who dressed like a 70-year-old retired librarian in Boca Raton. I drove to the rich neighborhoods to shop at their consignment stores. Unfortunately, I did not have the sense to realize that Boca is populated by retired ladies who love their pastel pantsuits. I am shocked that nobody offered me the early bird special when I was in the cafeteria at work - I was dressed for it.

Where was I?

Oh. It's TOO COLD and it's NOT PROFESSIONAL to have bare arms! So buy the extra two yards of fabric and ADD SLEEVES!

Don't even get me started on pockets.


webb said...

Ditto. I went looking for one of those dresses (not that exact style) and found nothing that wold fit. Of course, i was late ... 10:00 am.

I feel your (cold) pain.

Joy said...

We do not all have bare-able arms in New York. I don't help my situation by cooking as though I still lived in the Midwest, but even if I dined upon nothing but leaves and grapes instead of making tuna hotdish and chicken paprikash, New York does not have the winter weather for bare arms.

Class factotum said...

Webb, that's what we get for not being prompt.

Joy, so it's worse than I thought! I envisioned all these sleek NY women in their high, high heels and sleeveless dresses at their fancy jobs where they heat the office enough that wearing a blanket on your legs while you work isn't necessary. Designers really do hate women!

LPC said...

Nice dress:). Next time...

Joy said...

Nope, they don't heat the offices. Because men all wear suits and they'd get hot. Women just have to freeze, it seems.

I went shopping today for dresses with sleeves that are work-suitable but still pretty. You're right--what is the deal with sweater dresses? There were tons of them. Still, irritation with sweater dresses aside, I found that there are dresses with sleeves, even reasonably attractive ones. The trick, it seems, is to shop in stores also by Orthodox Jewish women.

Joy said...

in stores also *frequented* by Orthodox Jewish women. Macy's in Brooklyn fits the bill. Not sure where you'd go in Milwaukee, but worth looking into.

Class factotum said...

Joy, I'll have to look! SH and I went to dinner last night with a neighbor who is Jewish. We were talking with another guest, also Jewish, and learned that Milwaukee actually has a sizable Orthodox community. I had no idea! So maybe in the neighborhoods where the synagogues are - that's such a good idea!