Friday, November 02, 2012

Wisconsin 101: How the trick or treaters do it wrong‏

We live in a nice neighborhood. It's safe for children to walk the streets. It's safe for adults to walk the streets. It's not a place I worry about being after dark.

But not everyone lives in a neighborhood like that. So I understand (it took a while for my cold heart to come to this point) why parents from other neighborhoods might want to bring their children to our neighborhood to trick or treat. I am OK with it. Little kids who live in bad neighborhoods already have it tough enough. Let them have a night (or afternoon) of T&T and getting candy. It costs me a few bucks and it makes the kids happy. Helps my karma.

But here's where I draw the line. Here's what I observed on Sunday:

I was out for a walk a few streets over from our house. I watched as a bunch of kids and adults emerged from a fleet of cars. The little kids ran up to the doors and happily accepted the candy. They said, "Trick or treat!" and then said, "Thank you!" after they got their candy. They were little kids who were really excited and they were cute to watch.

But then I saw an adult woman walking behind some children. Was she holding a bag? I can't remember. I think she might have been, but I would not testify to that in court. 

The door to the house opened. The little kids ran up. The woman asked, "You got candy?"

I wanted to slap her. How rude can you be? "You got candy?" Even the little kids were more polite than that.

I didn't hear what the homeowner said. I hope it was something like, "Not for you, lady. You're a grown woman. Buy your own candy!"

Not that I would ever have the guts to say that out loud. In my head, yes, but out loud, no. So I might not have said anything - but I would not have put candy in her bag. She would have felt the withering fire of my disdain for sure. No Skittles for her.


smalltownme said...

I hear you! I've stopped handing out candy. Sick of the greedy grownups and rude teens.

webb said...

No one over 12 - dont care how cute.