Thursday, December 20, 2012

Marriage 501, Lecture 124: Bells and whistles

This morning, SH forgot to put a filter in the coffee maker before he made his coffee. Which meant I got to interrogate him mercilessly, asking him why, why, WHY? did he do that? WHY?

To which he replied, Is this what it's like when I give you a hard time?

To which I answered, You bet your bippy. Why, WHY, WHY? would you not use a filter?

And he said, Well at least I didn't hit the curb with the wheel.

And I roll my eyes.

And here I interject something completely unrelated but just occurred to me. SH and I went out to eat last night - our usual end of the year dash to use all our groupons and city tins before they expire - and the waiter had a tattoo on his forearm that said, "I am going to die."

Which I thought, Well yeah. We all are. Is this something you keep forgetting? 

And when I asked SH what he thought about the tattoo, he asked, What tattoo? Because he hadn't even noticed!

How can you not notice such a tattoo?

SH might be a better driver than I am, but he's a bad noticer of things.

So anyhow. After SH cleaned the coffee maker - have you seen what happens when you don't use a filter? It is not pretty, he said

SH: I wish I had bought that coffee maker the other day.

Me: But I thought you didn't want it.

SH: But - it has all kinds of settings on it. I wanted to experiment with it!

Me: Oh Lord.

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