Saturday, December 15, 2012

Marriage 501, Lecture 50: Only halfway

SH: Why do we need to go to your mom's?

Me: Because it's her 70th birthday.

SH: Oh. OK. Well, next fall is my parents' 50th wedding anniversary and their 75th and 80th birthdays. So we have to do something with them.

Me: Oh no. Next fall, we need to plan a big trip for the two of us. That comes first.

SH: Why?

Me: Because I turn 50!

SH: No you don't.

Me [doing the math]: Yes. I do.

SH: You can't be turning 50.

Me: Yes. I turned 49 on my last birthday. Remember?

SH: But - you can't be 50.

Me: My mom is turning 70. It would have been my parents' 50th. Yes. I am turning 50. Yay.

SH: Cool! We'll be able to get the AARP discounts!


Anonymous said...

I've missed reading you .

Anonymous said...

I've missed reading you .

Class factotum said...

Thanks, Wildstorm! I've missed your photos!