Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Marriage 501, Lecture 541: Indulgences

SH: So you don't think I compliment you enough?

I had sent him the link to this article that my friend Ilene had posted on facebook.

Me: Oh, I know how it works in your family. If they're not criticizing you, to your face or behind your back, it means they don't love you.

SH: I do compliment you!

Me: I know.

SH: I've been telling you all week how delicious that gumbo [that I made last weekend] is.

Me: I'm glad you like it, sweetie.

SH: But I've had to give you a hard time for running the car into the curb.

IN MY DEFENSE, I was picking SH up at the airport after he'd been gone a week. He left the day after I returned from my week to the unspecified country in the Middle East. We had only 24 hours overlap and I spent most of that sleeping. When I wasn't sleeping, I was barely conscious because of the jet lag.

So when I went to pick him up upon his return, I was really excited to see him. It had been two weeks, people! I do like the guy and I do miss him when we're apart. Even though he makes me crazy sometimes.

Well. I was driving up to the passenger pickup outside of baggage claim - no, I was not going to park the car and go inside to get him because THAT'S HOW WE ROLL - we pick each other up at baggage claim, I saw him standing outside. For once, my view was clear because there weren't a bunch of cars idling at the curb, which is illegal. Why they just don't go into the cellphone waiting area, which is free, I do not know.

So I had a clear view and I saw him and he waved at me, which distracted me, which meant I stopped looking at where I was going for one tiny minute and oops! bumped into the curb. With the snow tires. Which he had just put on the week before. And was so relieved because the regular wheels are out of balance and he was so fed up with it.

I say it's his fault for waving at me.

It was not a joyous reunion is all I'll say about that.

Me: So are you saying that even though you have been giving me a hard time about bumping the wheel [and knocking the car just the tiniest bit out of balance - this is why I did not want to sell my Toyota before I moved here - I did not want the responsibility of driving SH's car, which he considers an item to be kept in pristine condition over the entire life of the car whereas I look at a car as a means of getting from Point A to Point B and if there are some dings well  big deal who cares?] for over a week that the fact that you compliment my cooking makes up for it?

SH: Doesn't it?

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