Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Marriage 501, Lecture 635: You would think the soap from my body would clean it

SH: The house isn't as clean as it was before you started working.

Me: Nope.

SH: I can tell.

Me: If you want a cleaner house, then I'll have to quit my job.

SH: No.

Me: I have to clean the tub this weekend. It's been a few weeks.

SH: I know! I can tell! I was noticing this morning!

N.B. There is no reason SH could not clean the tub himself. He knows how to do it. As a matter of fact, not once have I ever said, nor would I ever say, "Please don't clean the tub. I am the only person in this house who knows how to clean a tub properly. I don't want you cleaning the tub! Don't! Don't do it!"

Me: I'm going to clean it tomorrow.

SH: If it were me, I would still let it go another few weeks.

Me: I know. I remember when we were dating.

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Anonymous Mother said...

This made me laugh aloud!