Friday, January 11, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 235: Sizing and nothingness

SH: I was at Banks and there was this really nice shirt on the sale table. But the collar was half an inch too small.

Me: That's too bad. [I return to my book for a minute, then realize that I have a question about what he said.] I didn't even think they made men's shirts that way any more.

SH: That's why I can't  buy dress shirts at Macy's now. They come in average sleeve lengths and they're either an inch too short or an inch too long.

Me: Oh.

SH: They come in 32/33 or 34/35, which means they're 32 and a half or 34 and a half.

Me: This is really boring.

SH: But my true length is a 33 and a half.

Me: And yet you keep talking.

SH: But it just so happens that medium-sized sport shirts are 33 and a half. Because they're only small, medium, large, or extra large.

Me: You keep talking.

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