Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 764: To nag or not to nag


SH: It looks like I got out of vacuuming today.

Me: No, you just didn't do it.

SH: Because you weren't nagging me.

Me: It's not my job to nag you. It's your job to do what you're supposed to do, without nagging.

SH: But if you'd nagged all day, I might have done it.

Me: I'm not going to nag. You know what you need to do and you should do it. Am I supposed to wait for you to nag before I do my chores?

SH: Maybe you should.


Andre the Giant said...

Does SH have a blog? I'd like to read about his take on these conversations and issues.

Class factotum said...

Andre, I have suggested to him many times that he should write his own blog! I would love to see how he reports these incidents. I do not make stuff up, btw.