Monday, February 04, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 434: Equitable distribution of labor

Me: Hey! You didn't make the bed while I was gone!

SH: I've already done a lot today! I've done a lot more than I ever used to do on a Saturday. And during the week, I make the bed, I go to the grocery store, I do the dishes, I pick up your books at the library.

Me: So?

SH: Today I've also vacuumed and I've done dishes.

Me: And I've done four loads of laundry and cleaned the bathroom and cooked. I've dusted. And I make supper every night.

SH: Instead of telling me how wonderful I am, you want me to do more.

Me: Yep.

SH: I make more than three times as much money as you do, so I should do only one third of the chores.

Me: Why don't you hire a maid with your money?

SH [gets out his phone and starts punching numbers]: According to my calculations, I should only have to do 36% of the housework.

SH: Wait! That's not right. [Calculates again.] Twenty six percent! I should only be doing 26% of the housework!

Me: It was your idea for me to get a job.


wellfedfred said...

I don't get a warm feeling from this. Unless he means he should only eat 26% of the food.

Webb said...

Why is it that they think we should rave and worship when they wash a damn dish? Makes me crazy. The days of the little woman as the housekeeper went out the window when you went back to work.

SH, get over it!

Class factotum said...

Fortunately, his whine is worse than his work!