Friday, March 08, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 621: To drink or not to drink

Me: Could we get rid of these wine bottles?

SH: Why?

Me: Because! They are clutter!

SH: I think they add a certain ambiance to the dining room.

Me: What? The "We are winos?" ambiance?

SH: Is that bad?

BTW, this ambiance fits very well with our wedding theme. I was reading a magazine or novel or something - can't remember - that outlined potential wedding themes, like pirate or hang gliding or goth.

Me: We didn't have a theme to our wedding.

SH: Yes we did.

Me: Well, I guess "wedding" was the theme to our wedding.

SH: No, it was a "Consume lots of alcohol and get drunk" theme.

Me: Oh. Right. Only not everyone followed the theme.

SH: Nope. Just my side.

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