Saturday, March 23, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 768: You say potato

SH: And now I have to worry about maybe having to go to North Carolina next week.

Me: Stop worrying!

SH: But I have to.

Me: Worrying does not affect the outcome. You're always telling me not to worry about stuff.

SH: That's because you worry about hypothetical things, like driving over a bridge into the water.

(NB For the record, this is not a hypothetical at all! There was a story in the paper just this week about a guy in a truck who went over the rail into the river and HE DIED. Because he COULDN'T GET OUT. PROBABLY BECAUSE OF THE ELECTRIC WINDOWS THAT WOULDN'T WORK!)

Me: That is not hypothetical. Neither is the possibility of being penniless when we are old. You are worrying about maybe having to take a business trip but worrying isn't helping.

SH: OK. You're right. I'm not worrying. I'm whining.

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Joy said...

What is wrong with simple crank windows? I HATE electric windows--it's just one more electrical/computer item in a car that can break so you can't fix it.