Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 689: You say tomato, I say, "Didn't you even notice?"

I promise I am not trying to be gross. My apologies to anyone who is grossed out. But maybe you'll understand better after you read this.

Take a look at this photo. What do you see?

I see flowers.

I saw flowers when I took it. Flowers were the only thing I saw.

But after I uploaded the photo to facebook - after I giddily uploaded the photo to facebook, so happy that maybe spring was on the way, even though there are still patches of snow in our yard, SH came downstairs.

"Why did you put a photo of dog poop on facebook?" he asked.

I'd had no idea.

But there you go - a metaphor (an allegory?) for the two of us.

I see the flowers in life.

SH sees the poop.


Evelynne said...

I saw flowers too. My husband saw the mold on the leaves! Then the poop. I guess the flowers were too obvious to mention.

smalltownme said...

I saw the flowers first. Maybe the poop is fertilizer.

greatbleuheron said...

This photo should be a psychology/science experiment, like the invisible gorilla. First I saw flowers. Then I read the top portion of your post and understood that there was something else in the picture. So I went back up and stared at it before reading the rest of the post. Even when I was LOOKING for something else, all I could see was mold on the leaves. I finally saw the poop only after reading the rest of your post and learning that there was poop to see. I find this absolutely bizarre!

webb said...

I had to enlarge it to see the, er, fertilizer. Guess that's a recommendation for aging eyesight. You gotta spread around a little poop if you want the flowers to grow. Glad spring is finally peeking out in your part of the world.

Marsha said...

I saw the flowers. I only looked harder to see the poop because of your warning about grossness, and then I had to look twice. The flowers are still pretty. said...

This is freaking hilarious. I am ashamed to admit, I saw the poop first. but I have a big dog and it is dark a lot of the year , so I am trained to seek out poop in hard to see conditions. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Class factotum said...

You guys are cracking me up. I'm so glad I was not the only one! It's always nice to be able to say, "I told you so!"