Monday, April 08, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 786: The fat lady has sung

Me: I think I want to see this opera.

SH: You want to go to an opera?

Me: Yes. I like Mozart.

SH: Since when have you liked opera? I thought you felt the same way about opera as you do about the ballet.

Me: I don't like ballet, but I like opera. I had a subscription to the opera when I lived in Miami.

SH: Are you going to make me go with you?

Me: It would be nice if you would go with me. After all, I go to political events with you.

SH: Going to the opera is nothing like your going to a political event with me.

Me: It is so.

SH: A political event doesn't cost money.

Me: Yes it does. You make a donation.

SH: I would do that whether or not you came with me.

Me: But I still have to suffer being at a political event.

SH: Your wanting me to go to the opera with you is like my wanting you to attend a Jackson Browne concert with me.

Me: No! Not that!

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webb said...

Go! with our without company. Nothing beats a good opera!