Friday, April 26, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 786: Let them eat cake

SH: You're a cake for breakfast eater.

Me: So?

SH: You're not supposed to have cake for breakfast!

Me: Why not?

SH: It's supposed to be a dessert!

Me: Says the guy who ate so much cake yesterday that he complained of feeling bloated not once, but twice.

SH: But I don't eat cake for breakfast. Because I'm disciplined.

Me: The bloating.

SH: It's OK to pig out on cake after your meal!


Gracie's Mom said...

toast the cake and slather peanut butter on it, then it is healthy.

Anonymous Mother said...

SH, your wife has a lo--n----g history of gettin' up and gettin' at whatever GOOD leftovers might be around.

Joy said...

Cake for breakfast is perfect. It goes so well with coffee. As does pie for breakfast. And peanut butter krispie bars for breakfast are especially good, because not only do they go well with coffee, they even contain plausible breakfast ingredients.

Becky said...

Has he never heard of coffee cake?

Gaylin said...

Cake in a bowl with milk on it. There - it is now breakfast!

Also it is perfectly acceptable to hide cookies under your cereal for soggy goodness in the morning.

Heck, my family has been known to put pie in a bowl with milk and call it breakfast. Yep, we are strange.

rubiatonta said...

SH would have a hard time Chez Rubi, where we have seconds on dessert, and cake for breakfast the day after your birthday is mandatory!

Besides, cake has milk, eggs, and other good things. Plus sugar and fat, two very important "suthrun" food groups.