Friday, April 05, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 986: The right way and the wrong way

SH: Did you start stacking the silverware this way because that's how I like it?

Me: Yes.

SH: Not because you think it's the better way to do it?

Me: I don't think it's the better way to do it. I just did it yesterday before you got back [from a five-day work trip] to get you off my back.

SH: I thought you were finally coming around to the right way to do it.

Me: Nope.

SH: Then why didn't you just do it your way to annoy me?

Me: It's not worth the aggravation. You're a far better annoyer than I will ever be.

SH: It is better, you know. Don't you like being able to find the kind of spoon you want faster?

Me: It does not take that much effort to find a spoon. And when you consider the overall time consumed in stacking vs the time it takes to find a spoon when they're not stacked, it's still faster not to stack them.

SH: But it takes precious time to find the spoon when they're not stacked! What if it's an emergency?

Me: What kind of spoon-finding emergency could there possibly be?

SH: When I have gotten up and need a spoon for my breakfast because I'm in a hurry to get upstairs to work. Or I have a conference call.

Me: I don't have those kinds of emergencies.


Evelynne said...

How would you stack it? Or would you not stack it? Just throw the different sizes in the same compartment, all mixed up?

Jen on the Edge said...

Our utensil organizer has shaped compartments(spoon shaped, for example)so that things stay neatly stacked without any effort.