Monday, April 22, 2013

The Working Life: We walk among you

Me: Hello. This is Class Factotum. May I speak to Jane Doe?

Receptionist (live person! answering phone!) at vendor site: She's not in today.

Me: Oh. We were supposed to have a call at 2:00. I've emailed her, but haven't heard back from her. She was supposed to call me.

Receptionist: Let me give you her cell number.

Me: I could be a stalking murderer, you know.

Receptionist: Oh, you don't sound like a stalker.

Me: We never do.


webb said...

It totally amazes me that people give outx their cell numbers like they do, but even more that they answer them ALL the time. I do not want to be that accessible to anyone, and certainly not to my work. Altho... Jane was very rude not to let you know that she was out. Keep on stalkin'

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a work-provided mobile phone so their employees can be in constant contact while working outside the office. That seems logical to me. I only have a private mobile phone and I don't answer numbers I don't know....I have voicemail, they can leave a message ;-)

Class factotum said...

I have only my own phone, but my work wants the number. My feeling is if they want to call me on my cell, they can pay for it! And then they can give out the number all they want.