Monday, May 06, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 764: Lips that touch wine

Me: My friend says her husband is lactose intolerant, he doesn't like sweets, and he can't drink coffee - even decaf. She says he is not very much fun.

SH: You don't drink! You're not fun!

Me: I never lied to you about that.

SH: You misled me. You ordered wine the first time we went out to dinner.

Me: Yes, and then I put splenda in the wine you gave me when I visited you. That should have been a clue.


Gaylin said...

Splenda in wine! You made me laugh out loud.

Wine, ugh, not even Splenda could make me drink it.

LPC said...

Hahahaha! He should have known something was up:).